Passion for wood

Respect for wood

I always try to respect the wood as it is - both its natural beauty and its texture and feel.


We share our workshop and passion for wood with Puuartesaani Tommi Raivio. We work closely on demanding projects.


Quality is especially important to me - I don't compromise on it and I always strive for it. I make sure that the material that I use is as good as possible, so that I can guarantee a high-quality, durable and beautiful result.

Timber - Furniture & Woodwork


I am Timi Raveala, a motivated entrepreneur in the carpentry industry. Inspired by my passion for wood and my long-term dream, Timber - Furniture & Woodwork was born. In my services, I mainly focus on furniture and interior design solutions, but my job description includes all the work of a carpenter, including project planning. I use a 3D modeling program to create a good directional image of a future project.

Wood as a material

I treat wood with passion and love. As a material, it is beautiful and pleasant to the touch. For this reason, I try to make the end result as natural as possible, using solid wood as a rule. I also strive to use surface treatment products that bring out the natural properties of the wood. Although my own preference for organic wood is great, I always want to serve the customer regardless of the material desire. Wood is a sustainable and ecological interior material. It is a really beautiful and nuanced material by nature. Each piece of furniture made from raw wood is unique and, when properly made, will last a long time, maintaining its dignity for several generations. When, over time, such a high-quality product begins to show the wear and tear of a long journey, it is possible to refurbish it, allowing the furniture to continue with the dignity it deserves. I believe that there is a suitable type of wood for every interior to bring warmth, atmosphere and joy for a long time.

  • "Trees are poems the earth writes upon the sky." – Khalil Gibran